About Us

Mission Statement

We’re a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization bringing the healing powers of nature and the written word to disadvantaged youth residing in low income communities.

Teen years are critical times for our youth. Many feel as if they do not have a platform for their voices to be heard. Unfortunately, the public school system has chipped away at the Arts leaving no room for the enhancement of creativity and positive outlets of expression. Through our poetry workshops our students will learn the history and beauty of words in poetic form. They will learn different styles of writing and delve into the works of renowned poets.

Today, most young adults spend their hours playing video games or staring at their cell phones. There is a disconnect between them and their natural world. Environmental education is loosely studied in our school system and affordable summer camps are hard to come by. Camping4words offers students summer activities that range from community restoration works to canoeing along the river. They will gain appreciation for the earth through experience gained during designated field trips.

Program Goals

To promote individual empowerment and connectedness to oneself, society and the earth through the art of writing and impactful participation with the natural world.

To help young people reach their potential.

Through the exploration of poetry and environmental activities, young adults will flourish as writers and stewards of the environment.



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